Monday, April 16, 2012

The Barbarism of American Society

A mostly unemployed, depressed porn actor is murdered by an unaccountable, barbaric, and ignorant police force.
A veteran porn actor died in Los Angeles on Friday, and authorities are investigating whether his death was connected to a violent scuffle with police five days earlier.

Police found the 39-year-old at an apartment in Reseda on April 8 after an apparent suicide attempt.

His girlfriend, porn starlet Alexa Cruz, told cops Anderson had slashed himself with a knife and that she had taken the blade away from him, the station reported.


"The police came and instead of trying to talk to him or grab him and get him to the ground, or the paramedics giving him a sedative, they decided to break out their tasers and just tasered him excessively until the point where he went into cardiac arrest," Curtis told the adult film blog
This is just awful. Oh, and if you think American society is redeemable, read the comments.

1'L.A. porn actor dies at hospital, days after violent encounter with police' - NY Daily News

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