Monday, July 27, 2009

Storm Clouds over Globalization

Martin Wolf (7/14):
Those who expect a swift return to the business-as-usual of 2006 are fantasists. A slow and difficult recovery, dominated by de-leveraging and deflationary risks, is the most likely prospect. Fiscal deficits will remain huge for years. The alternatives – liquidation of excess debt via either a burst of inflation or mass bankruptcy – will not be permitted. The persistently high unemployment and low growth may even threaten globalisation itself.

New York Times (7/18):
Trade and climate policy have become increasingly entangled. A failure to agree on how to address global warming could undermine half a century of opening world trade.

Sarkozy (6/15) :
"Either we have reason or we will have revolt. Either we have justice or we will have violence. Either we have reasonable protection or we will have protectionism.

It is irresponsible to believe that the financial markets can continue to impose their obsession with short-term profit on the entire global economy, and on society"

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