Thursday, April 1, 2010

The U.S. Congratulates Itself on Diversity as Inequality His Record Heights

How many years will it take the typical Gen - X, Y, Z'er to realize that the diversity mantra preached to them since Kindergarten does little to alleviate inequality in American society ? We are more unequal in terms of income than at any time in the last century. The model of a multi-cultural and diverse society of capitalists is not Left and it's time the Left stop pretending it is so. Almost no one is pro-racism anymore, and the Establishment hasn't been for decades. Capitalism is about selling to anyone, at any time; it has an international push by definition, and racism really doesn't fit in with that. The bourgeoisie incorporated the critiques of the past, adapted, and it's time for left-oriented folks to push for more.

from Emmanuel Saenz, "Income Inequality in the United States"; Updated to 2007 (2009)1