Sunday, August 29, 2010

If China Bordered the United States

Mexico China
School Life Expectancy1411
Female Life Expectancy80 76
Male Life Expectancy7572
Infant Mortality Rate1420
Sanitation Coverage85 55
Per Capita GDP/PPP14,3376,675

American stereotypes of Mexicans and Chinese are mostly based upon immigration patterns and proximity. For one, the reason Chinese (and Indian) professionals immigrate to the United States in large numbers is because of their country's low wages. Professionals in Mexico have less reason to immigrate to the U.S. because they make enough in their home country. For another, self-sufficiency requirements in our immigration process make it all but impossible for the Chinese worker, with a per capita salary in the $ 3-5,000 year range, to get into the U.S. We are seeing a select group, a sample bias.