Monday, June 28, 2010

Microchip Implants Will Improve Productivity and Increase Safety

From a blog in 2030:

"Why don't government workers have microchip implants ? We need a chip for a job in the private sector... yet another case of favoritism for lazy bureaucrats."

"To improve the productivity of school teachers, they should be REQUIRED to have microchip implants. If they are not being responsible at home, not getting enough sleep or staying out late - IT IS HURTING THE CHILDREN !!!"

"Only irresponsible parents fail to implant microchips in their children at birth. The ability to track one's child in a dangerous world is sure to lighten the already heavy load of parenting."

A possible newspaper Editorial:

"Microchip implants are a reasonable solution to the problem of poor worker performance. With a harmless and painless application, workers can be assured that their peers are playing by the same rules as they are. Unions who resist this push towards increased productivity are only doing their own membership a disservice in an increasingly competitive world."
1'Microchip implant (animal)' - Wikipedia

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