Thursday, February 17, 2011

Race to the Bottom

The current political debate in the U.S. is a dumb one. Basically pitting workers against each other so the plutocrats destroying the United States internally can retain their international status as 'richest of the rich'.

The idea that a worker shouldn't complain because XYZ are marginally worse off leads no where. In this argument therefore, no one should have their wages increased - ever - because someone else is worse off. Or, no worker should have a pension because others do not.

It reminds me of my time teaching in the Manila squatter's areas, when people would talk about how lucky they were because they weren't living by the garbage piles and scavenging garbage for a living. After all, the squatter's areas have housing and some type of amenities.

So don't complain unless you are living by the garbage piles. Which I guess is every American worker, union or non-union, public or private. Just shut up and be grateful to your masters.

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