Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More Than a Bit Grey

Ages of some living Rock greats :

Paul Mc Cartney - 66
Mick Jagger - 65
Keith Richards - 65
Jimmy Page - 65
Bruce Springsteen - 59
Sting - 58
Bono - 48

Rock-n-Roll was once a symbol of youthful rebellion, but maybe about the time the Hall of Fame opened in Cleveland, in 1995, its calcification was firmly in place. Artistic movements generally start looking at past accomplishments when they've lost their revolutionary edge. The same could be said about large sections of jazz, since it has become entrenched in musical academia. It takes a lot of time to be creative and innovative, and cramming "the standards" as a 20 year old - whether it be in classical, jazz , or rock tends to direct creativity into established parameters. Craft is necessary, but it gets taken to the extreme of rigidity in most of academia. On top of this are the massive student loans that are piled up - requiring a day job after graduation unless one's parents are wealthy . And that reminds me of another bizarre thing - seeing college jazz bands at elite universities made up entirely of children of the ruling class.

But back to rock-n-roll. I know and love much of the music, can play it, and am generally shredworthy. But what's strange is how some rock musicians insist on acting like there's is the only hip thing going, and that classical musicians (for instance) are not "cool". Meanwhile, they are pushing 50 (or 60) and still trying sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll at the local club for 'the door', or tips. In a few years, they can get gigs at the senior center. In the meantime, let the kids have their moment and get off the stage.

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