Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Politics of Destabilization

The accusations from Iran and China against Western meddling are reactions to what could be called the politics of destabilization. This is how governments will be tested as the 'peace bubble' (relatively speaking) continues to inflate under the threat of nuclear warfare. Unable to move forward with total war, countries will use their economic and security apparatus to promote fissures in potential rivals. With their military a stone's throw from Western China, it's easy to see how the U.S. could destabilize Xinjiang province by supporting Islamic movements, just as they did in Afghanistan to the Soviet Union. This is not to say they are or will. A stable China is too important to American big business at the moment. But if necessary, it would not be a difficult process to implement.


jerry said...

So much is evolving that is destabilizing. In addition to what you have already stated, there is the BRIC conference wanting to remove the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

I have written about it on my blogspot.

Purple said...

thanks Jerry