Friday, September 25, 2009

Af-Pak Policy in Chaos

It's hard to put a pretty face on the type of brutal military force necessary to contain resistance in Afghanistan. This is one of the reasons for the current 'indecisiveness' in the White House. But since Obama was 'Marketer of the Year' in 2008, according to Advertising Age, the White House will probably come up with something to sell the public.

The generals want to escalate, and are getting restless at the delay:
Three officers at the Pentagon and in Kabul told McClatchy Newspapers that the McChrystal they know would resign before he would stand behind a faltering policy that he thought would endanger his forces or the strategy.

"Yes, he'll be a good soldier, but he will only go so far," a senior official in Kabul said. "He'll hold his ground. He's not going to bend to political pressure."

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