Sunday, October 18, 2009

Going Pro

To many college coaches are selfish when it comes to the future of their star players. Compare the fates of three top-line college quarterbacks from 2008. Mark Sanchez pissed off Pete Carroll when he decided to go pro; Carroll couched it as concern for his player, but it was more likely because it left him stuck with a freshman starting quarterback. Nine months later, and Sanchez is a multi-millionaire who has achieved early success as a starter for the New York Jets. Meanwhile two of his counterparts - Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow - have suffered serious injuries which potentially damaged their long-term health, career, and ability to make some money in a game with a very short lifespan. Bradford had to leave another game early this weekend, after aggravating a shoulder injury that occurred during a sack. As the reigning Heisman trophy winner, Bradford would certainly have been a Top 5 selection in the draft of 2009. Tebow would probably not have gone as high, but as a former Heisman and 'National Championship' winner, he had nothing left to prove in college. Concussions can destroy a career, not to mention quality of life. One recalls the multiple concussion of Steve Young, another scrambling quarterback. We can only hope Tebow's recent concussion is a one time event.

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