Saturday, December 19, 2009

Copenhagen Marks the End of the Post World War 2 Order

A better world is possible, as is increased chaos, war and factionalization on a global scale.

From the UK Independent, and a 'source at the heart of the negotiations':

"this was the first sign that China is emerging as a superpower, which is not interested in global government, is not interested in multilateral governance that affects its own sovereignty or growth."

China is unlikely be a superpower in the sense most people think; it has too much extreme poverty and will continue to have for decades. It also has no Navy to speak of. Its resistance at Copenhagen was more a sign of weakness, not strength. They don't want to nuke their economy, which has coal as 70 % of its energy source. However, China combined with other so-called emerging capitalist economies now have the weight to at least push back against 'the West'. Is there room at the top for many more people, within a world economic system which has been dependent on cheap labor and energy for its development ? I'm guessing not.

1"China stands accused of wrecking global deal" - The UK Independent

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