Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama the Weak

He appoints a budget deficit committee to tell him what to do. Pretending to negotiate compromise between 'all' parties (i.e. the usual gang) and going with the folks who have the biggest financial weapons. So we can expect suggestions for harsh budget cuts in programs that benefit the under $ 250,000 crowd, and higher taxes. A VAT tax seems to be in the offing.

Perhaps this is the type of gumption it takes to get ahead in America.

As an Anonymous poster at Zero Hedge wrote :

It's the fact that Obama didn't have the balls to do it himself that is sad. He creates a 'side committee' to do his dirty work. Now he can say, "I didn't raise your taxes, the committee did."

In observing day to day life, weak people are usually the most dangerous, due to their penchant for over-compensation. (Iran's leadership should remember that)

1'White House's OMB Seems to Remove All Doubt: Sub-$250,000 Tax Spree To Commence' - Zero Hedge

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