Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Obama's Warmongering

Nicely summed up:

Even as progressives were savoring Barack Obama's "masterful" – indeed, "brain-searing" – performance at the House Republicans' retreat last Friday, their dazzling champion was busy applying himself with renewed and reckless vigor to that most un-progressive of occupations: saber-rattling around the world. The last few days have certainly seen a remarkable display of bellicosity by the Obama Administration, putting almost every tool in the militarist kit to use: nukes, ships, missiles, money, proxies and war-profiteering.

Obama is a weak person. And weak people can act in erratic ways as a matter of overcompensation.

Speaking of militarism:

The US military began its largest war games in the Pacific region Monday -- an annual training exercise with troops from Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Singapore, now joined by South Korea.

I wonder why China was not invited ? After all, this is just fun and games.

1'Obama's Wild Weekend: A Worldwide Surge in Warmongering' - Chris Floyd
2'US launches largest Asian war games in Thailand' - AFP

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