Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bus Drivers Are The Problem

So says liberal Gavin Newsom, who is a long-time family friend of San Francisco oil-heir billionaire Gordon Getty. Gavin's various businesses were initially financed by Getty. And his father, William Newsom, is the administrator of the Getty family trust.

On the heals of yesterday's vote by Transit Workers Union (TWU) Local 250 rank-and-file to reject the contract concessions negotiated by their President, Irwin Lum, and Mayor Gavin Newsom and senior management at the San Francisco MTA, Mayor Newsom expressed dismay and said he would support a November ballot initiative to force the issue with the union.
"We'll go to the people of San Francisco, we'll get signatures collected immediately. Expect that to be done in the next week or two," said Newsom.

Mayor Newsom painted the issue as one between reducing TWU salaries or raising the fares for seniors, youth, and disabled riders, and he was confident the public would send a stern message to the union. "I don't think the riding public is going to accept a wage increase for the drivers at a time when their [own] wages are down and the fares are going to go up, particularly seniors, youth, and disabled."

Once again working class people will be turned against each other. Without a socialist left movement, there really is no force in U.S. politics capable of combating these types of grotesque divide and rule measures.

The money is there, and Newsom knows where to find it. He can ask his good friends.

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