Monday, April 26, 2010

Immigration 'Reformers' Propose Biometric Social Security Cards

Lindsay Graham and Charles Schumer have proposed biometric social security cards as a condition of immigration reform legislation going through the U.S. Senate:

We would require all U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who want jobs to obtain a high-tech, fraud-proof Social Security card. Each card's unique biometric identifier would be stored only on the card; no government database would house everyone's information. The cards would not contain any private information, medical information or tracking devices. The card would be a high-tech version of the Social Security card that citizens already have.

The scope of these cards can and will, looking at history, be expanded to include every aspect of a person's personal profile. One example, the current quest to digitalize the health records of every American. Throw in political registration, job history, travel history, and anything else that could be used to create a profile of risk (to the state).

Governments of highly unequal societies instictively need to control every aspect of their population's behavior.

-Knowing that we know everything about you is the best way to control you.-

1"The right way to mend immigration" - By Charles E. Schumer and Lindsey O. Graham; Washington Post

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