Friday, April 16, 2010

The U.S. Congratulates Itself on Diversity as Inequality Reaches New Heights

How many years will it take the typical Gen - X, Y, Z'er to realize that the diversity mantra preached to them since Kindergarten does little to alleviate inequality in American society ? We are more unequal in terms of income than at any time in the last century. The model of a multi-cultural and diverse society of capitalists is not Left and it's time the Left stop pretending it is so. Almost no one is pro-racism anymore, and the Establishment hasn't been for decades. Capitalism is about selling to anyone, at any time; it has an international push by definition, and racism really doesn't fit in with that. The bourgeoisie incorporated the critiques of the past, adapted, and it's time for left-oriented folks to push for more.

from Emmanuel Saenz, "Income Inequality in the United States"; Updated to 2007 (2009)1


The Arthurian said...

My son got me looking at Emmanuel Saez's graphs recently. I see in them a very flat trend (after WWII) until 1978 or 1979, followed by a strong up-trend.

I point out the same pattern-change in your post of August 11, 2007 "Personal Consumption as a Percentage of U.S. GDP, 1970-2008" -- with a turning point I'd call at 1979.

(I do realize the comparison would be more honest if the latter chart included more years....)

The Arthurian said...

Following up... This graph shows Personal Consumption relative to GDP for a longer period.

To my eye, it shows the same drop during the Korean war, the same flat trend from around 1953 to 1979 perhaps, and the same sharp increase since 1979 as the Income Inequality graph here.

I have no idea what this means, except that wars and economic policies affected both graphs in a similar way.

The more income concentrates, the more people spend? Well then, maybe the growth of debt is also related.

How this ties in to diversity and your post, I cannot say.