Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wise Developed World To Sell Clean Energy to the Backward Undeveloped World

Should one laugh or cry ?

U.S. leaders want China's clean energy boom to drive technology exports and are sending a sales mission to Beijing this week. But Beijing wants to create its own suppliers of wind, solar and other equipment and is limiting access to its market, setting up a new trade clash with Washington and Europe.

China is quite capable of developing its own clean energy technology and its own 'national champions' in these fields. In many areas of which they are already nearly equal to the developed world (so-called here for the sake of standardization). The political and economic leadership of the developed world is woefully mistaken if they think they can just 'move on' after strip mining their own working classes the last generation. What fools these people are. When they fail to crack the China clean energy market- as they failed with finance - no doubt the saber-rattling of trade war will recommence. China will then find out, or perhaps they already realize, how worthless all those promissory notes are. Perhaps they should talk to some Native American tribes about trading partners who speak with 'forked tongue'.

1'US, Europe, look to China for Clean Energy Sales' - AP; McDonald

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