Friday, July 2, 2010

Arnold the Brave

California GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Thursday cut the pay of most of the state’s workers to minimum wage – $7.25 an hour – for the month of July.

It takes a real tough guy to kick the worker. Anything so that Arnold can continue go to nice banquets with California's billionaires.

The ruling class will be wistfully recalling a strong left that once pushed for a restoration of purchasing power to the middle/working class. You can't run a modern economy on yacht manufacturing and asset souffles. No wealth redistribution, no recovery. No recovery, then war.

1'Calif. employees cut to minimum wage' - Politico; Barr

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The Arthurian said...

"asset souffles" -- I love it.

I accept the notion that one can look at present events and conclude there is something seriously wrong.

I reject the notion that one can improve the future without a close examination of the past.