Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Attacks on Wiki Leaks Begin

Paying special attention to Assange's home country of Australia:

WikiLeaks founder Australian Julian Assange could have committed a serious criminal offence in helping an enemy of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), the lobby group, the Australia Defence Association (ADA) says.

ADA executive director Neil James said much of the 92,201 assorted US military, intelligence and diplomatic documents leaked by Wikileaks would not be new to anyone familiar with the Afghanistan war or wars in general...

"Moreover, as an Australian citizen, Wikileaks' Julian Assange may also be guilty of a serious criminal offence by assisting an enemy the ADF is fighting on behalf of all Australians, especially if the assistance was intentional," he said...

"What WikiLeaks and its apologists ignore is the clear legal and moral differences between the actions of rule-of-law democracies applying international humanitarian law in UN-endorsed warfighting (however imperfectly at times), and the deliberate rejection of such law by the Taliban and its Islamist allies," he said.

And the Iraq War was 'legal' ? What nonsense, and what stupidity. Of course corruption breeds it in spades, which is why a gang of hackers has outwitted the official best and brightest with their unlimited warchests.

But like the internet itself, the cat's out of the bag. In the not too distant future, there will be one-two-many Assange's and Wiki-Leaks. The ruling classes of the Western world have no idea how completed discredited they are; they are drenched in lies and blood.

And it appears there is a little blow back on Western Finance when it comes to Iceland, home of WikiLeaks. Serves Britain right, especially, after they tried to forcibly liquidate the country. I would suggest Assange become a citizen.

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