Thursday, July 15, 2010

China's Malacca Dilemma

Referred to obliquely in a recent NYT op-ed. Therese Delpech, of the Carnegie Institute and the French Atomic Energy asks military shy Europeans:

"If Taiwan, to our common misfortune, should become the object of a confrontation between China and America, the Europeans may have to do some work — in the Middle East, for example, helping block maritime routes. Is Europe prepared to consider this, let alone actually do it?"

The 20 Families of International Gangsterism (G-20 political and finance leaders) have not yet declared a 'a war' but they always remind each other who holds the power of the gun. Hu knows it.

Why would this scenario be mentioned in an editorial in the paper of record, but to remind the 'new master' China that it is painfully vulnerable to energy blockade ? Much like Japan was once upon a time.

1'Where Is Your Military Might, Europe?' - NYT Op-Ed; Delpech

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