Monday, July 19, 2010

No Mosques in My Backyard ?

Muslims throughout Temecula and Murrieta have saved up for years to build a mosque to replace the plain white industrial building, tucked between a pipeline company and packaging warehouse, where they now gather to pray.

But as the Islamic Center of Temecula Valley moves ahead with plans to build on a four-acre plot of vacant land near Temecula's gentle hills and invading housing developments, plans for the new mosque have stirred hostility in this mostly conservative community in southwest Riverside County.(1)

I don't see why this lovely 'conservative community' is making such a fuss. The only possible annoyance I could see is prayer calls going out at all hours. If it takes shutting up incessant church bells to prevent this, in the name of equality, then all the more better. Other than that, people need to worry about real things or find a partner and have lots of sex if they have all these pent up frustrations about life.
1' Planned Temecula Valley mosque draws opposition' - LA Times; Willon

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