Monday, August 2, 2010

Continuing Depression in Small Business Conditions Forecasts Hard Right Political Turn

While multi-national corporations have been reaping huge profits since the recovery in GDP began, small businesses mostly reliant on the domestic consumer have continued to be pummeled.

From Gallup:

Historically, and in the United States since World War 2, businesses reliant mostly on the domestic market have been more associated with the right-wing philosophy of low taxes, no social safety net and generally thinking about - maybe by necessity - profits in the near term. The Tea Party and Chamber of Commerce could be placed in this faction as it exists now. They stand in opposition to the banking establishment, Wall Street, and MNC's, whose leadership generally tacks more to the 'center', and is more involved with long-term U.S. geo-political strategy, though the funding of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations. Though of course, there is overlap.

An enraged small business base, along with its political supporters , could be motivated enough to turn the elections in November. For though MNC's and Wall Street have large sway in terms of GDP, they are small numerically and don't reflect the financial position of the average American. If depressionary conditions continue hard-right figures in the Republican Party will gain traction heading into 2012. And never count out Palin, she isn't going away.

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