Friday, August 13, 2010


1'Antibiotics' efficiency wanes due to global spread of drug-resistant bacteria' - UK Guardian; Boseley
If there is no profit incentive for the private sector to research new antibiotics it needs to be done by the public sector or the U.N.

2'Hungary Sees No Problems in Refinancing Its Debt Through 2012' - Bloomberg; Balazs
3'Hungary Defies IMF and European Authorities ' - Counterpunch; Weisbrot

The IMF is not nearly as powerful as it was even ten years ago.

4' Top thinker says China may 'push the US out of Asia' - The Australian; Kelly

There seems to be a contradiction in the article. On one hand Professor Mearsheimer is quoted as saying: "I think that China cannot rise peacefully and that this is largely pre-determined" while on the other: 'The presence of nuclear weapons, he (Mearsheimer) argued, meant there would be "no shooting war" between the US and China.'

5Pictures from the Hong Kong.

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