Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some English Language Articles Regarding Cuba

1'Cuban aviation scandal highlights growing corruption problem' - Miami Herald, 4/2010

Plenty of grains of salt when it comes to anything out of Miami regarding Cuba, especially in terms of quotes from defectors. However it references an original BBC article on the arrest of General Rogelio Acevedo.


2'Cuba Names New Civil Aviation Chief' - Latin American Herald Tribune


3'Cuba fires minister for oil, mining industries' - Yahoo, AP, 9/2010

Article reads: "The government of Raul Castro discharged Yadira Garcia Vera as minister of basic industry due to "her deficiencies in heading the institution, particularly reflected in the weak manner in which she controlled resources destined for investment and the production process," said a small but sternly worded item in the Communist Party newspaper Granma."


4'Cuba sets shake-up for powerful health minister ' - AP, 7/2010

Article reads: "Jose Ramon Balaguer, 78, will rejoin the powerful Central Committee of the Communist Party, according to a statement read Thursday night on government-run television. It saluted Balaguer for his work, but offered few details on why he was replaced."


5'Chile Presses Cuba Over Death of an Executive ' - The Wall Street Journal, 4/2010

Article reads: "Chile's government on Wednesday asked Cuba for an "exhaustive investigation" into the death of a Chilean executive in Cuba who worked for Max Marambio, a former top Cuban spy whose business empire is under investigation by Cuban authorities.


6'Officials: Chilean exec's death in Cuba tied to drugs' - Miami Herlad, 4/2010

Article reads: "Baudrand's death has focused attention on the growing corruption in Cuba, including a simmering scandal in the government-run airline Cubana de Aviacion that has landed two longtime Fidel Castro protégés in hot water.

``It's becoming evident that there are people in government . . . who are entrenching themselves financially for the time when the revolution falls,'' economist Esteban Morales wrote in an article published on the Web page of the official Union of Cuban Writers and Artists."


6'Cuba Needs Dialogue without Sectarianism ' - The Havana Times, 6/2010

Article begins: "The political moment is complicated. The economic situation is at its most critical point; social stagnation is chronic; the international campaign to isolate the government is worsening; the opposition is gathering strength, and measures by the state to alleviate some internal tensions are interpreted as weakness in the face of international pressure."


7'Corruption, the True Counter_Revolution ?' - Esteban Morales, 4/2010

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