Tuesday, September 14, 2010

FDR was Popular with the Working Class and the Poor

From a Survey for the 1936 Election

Car and Phone Ownership: FDR 55 %, Landon 45%
Car, No Phone: FDR 68%, Landon 30 %
Phone, No Car: FDR 69%, Landon 30%
No Car, No Phone: FDR 79%, Landon 19%

I doubt such a survey today would reveal the same contrasts in class. Part of the legacy of the Southern Strategy.
As a side note, my family's farm did not have electricity until 1948, however, they did buy a brand new Ford in 1945 or so.

Rural electrification took a long time.

1'Why the 1936 Literary Digest Poll Failed" - Perevill Squire (page 6)

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