Monday, September 27, 2010


1'Lack of 'Rare Earth' Minerals Could Cause Major Problems' - Voice of America

From the article:"If you look at the United States trying to go to a renewable energy standard of 20 percent by 2030, there currently isn’t the rare earth material available to build those wind turbines to help build that economy."

A little problem: rare earth minerals are non-renewable, so how can any technology that uses them meet a 'renewable energy standard'. Not too mention that the last U.S. mine was shut down because of the dangers it posed in terms of pollution and radiation. (Please be a little less smug Prius owners.)


2'Bright Food Is in Talks to Buy McVitie's Maker United Biscuits' - Bloomberg

This is inevitable as long as China's accumulated account balance swells. At current trends, they will eventually move into areas now deemed out-of-reach because of national security. Money Talks.


3'Wikileaks in Revolt: Spokesman Quits Amid Tension with Founder' - Gawker

A sign of health ? I suspect in a few years we may have one, two, many WikiLeaks.


4'Albert Haynesworth bristles over deal' - ESPN

Haynesworth:"Just because somebody pay you money don't mean they'll make you do whatever they want ... does that mean everything is for sale?"

People may not like the possible answers to this question if they probe too deeply into our social structure.


5'Broncos WR Kenny McKinley found dead in apparent suicide' - The Denver Post

Article reads: "The 23-year-old, second-year pro has been on the team's injured reserve list since early August with a knee injury."

The emotional trauma of losing one's passion due to injury is devastating. Most people aren't that passionate about their jobs. In the arts, yes. In elite sports, mostly yes.


6'Ga. Megachurch Pastor's Flock Standing by Him' - ABC News

Article reads: "Despite allegations that he lured four young men into sexual relationships, many of Bishop Eddie Long's followers remain unwavering in their support for him as he pledges to fight the accusations like David fighting Goliath."


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