Monday, October 25, 2010

FoxConn Is Also in India

Twelve Foxconn workers and union leaders remain in prison on October 13 in Chennai, India after hundreds of workers striking the plant were arrested on October 9.

The International Metalworkers' Federation is writing to Foxconn and Nokia global management demanding they intervene and ensure workers' rights are respected at the Foxconn plant located in the Nokia Special Economic Zone in Chennai, India.

More than 1,200 permanent workers belonging to the Foxconn India Thozhilalar Sangam (FITS) union, which is affiliated to Center For Indian Trade Unions (CITU), at the plant have been involved in weeks of struggle to have their union recognized by management so as to negotiate wage rises and other demands.

On October 9 police arrested hundreds of workers who had been picketing and striking the plant for several days. Around 319 workers including the trade union leaders were remanded into judicial custody and transferred to Vellore central jail. Remaining workers were let off and around 200 women workers were taken to a bus stop and asked to leave. When the women refused and demanded to be arrested also, they were abused and forced off the police vehicle.(1)

Bosses are having to go to more and more remote areas to find their requisite 'hard and humble worker'. The SE Asian working class has no intention of sending their kids into the factories. That means wages will have to go up a lot to compensate, which is going to put immense pressure on the export cartels in the coming generation.

1'500 workers arrested in India for striking against Foxconn' - No Sweat

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