Friday, October 8, 2010


Ocean debris turning Hawaiian beach 'into plastic' -BBC

UBS Is Going Gaga For NJ Gov Chris Christie With Parties, Excited Emails, And Speeches - Business Insider

Obama seems to enjoy golfing with UBS America President Robert Wolf.

U.S. Corn Facts -Monsanto

America's unsexy but internationally dominant export product, Big Ag. But how many times has Tommy Friedman traipsed out to Fresno ?

Iceland's politicians forced to flee from angry protesters - UK Guardian

Much linked to, but still enjoyable.

The Shockingly Fast Hand Speed Of Chinese Factory Workers- Business Insider

Though I have been assured by many people over the years that 'all' Chinese are doctors or engineers, etc. etc... sample bias, perhaps. The Chinese working class is invisible to Americans.

Michael Gove promises 'new deal' for teachers on classroom discipline - UK Guardian

'OK, you're going to have your wages and pensions cut, but at least you get to take your frustrations out on the students with a little physical violence. It's good for them.'

EU's Offer To Give Up IMF Board Seats Likely To Be Denied - WSJ

The U.S. and E.U. are both trying to bring BIC (sans Russia) around to their side. The U.S. will never give up its veto power, so its scolding of the EU is mostly amusing.

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