Saturday, October 16, 2010

Will the UK Guardian Please Stop Informing Readers About the U.S. 'Heartland'

The last time I checked out their coverage on U.S. politics they were informing the reader that McCain faced a fight for survival in the Republican primary. That was ludicrous; J.D Hayworth was sent packing in his last local election and there never was a chance he would win statewide.

Now they are making up Heartland anger against Nancy Peolsi, who most Americans have never heard of - and by the way, San Francisco happens to be a place Americans love to visit. Living in a conservative area of this famous Heartland I have noticed a complete lack of anti-Pelosi anger or awareness.

Basically the UK Guardian, like many English elitist organs, has a vision of the average American as a racist neanderthal; it's like the county is unchanged since 1960. It's ridiculous and inaccurate.

If the Democrats get swamped it's because unemployment is at + 9 % and our standard of living is decreasing. Politics 101.

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