Sunday, November 14, 2010

China Moving Into Airplanes

Using Western technology initially, which they will then reverse engineer and design in China. The price will be much lower, as well.

There appear to be few avenues for the United States and the G7 capitalist powers to reverse their comparative decline in the global economy. Even the flood of dollars emanating from the Federal Reserve, which is meant to destabilize China specifically, can be increasingly circumvented through swaps. In the oil and energy markets this is more difficult, due to the U.S. alliance with Saudi Arabia. But with Iran moving out of dollars and able to defy U.S. pressure on nuclear energy development, the days of petrodollar dominance may be ending as well.

It would be naive to look at the history of World War in the 20th century and not conclude we are entering a similar moment. Again, how can the U.S. ruling class reverse its decline without resorting to the residual dominance of its military ?

1'China to unveil its own large jetliner' - LA Times

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