Friday, January 21, 2011

They Lie, They Steal

The whisper campaign to go the route of State bankruptcy seems to be gathering pace. Which will be a way for states to abrogate contracts with their own workforce 'legally', most especially the looted pensions. The super-wealthy that run the United States can't afford more taxes. Nevermind the promises, the contracts. If it serves their needs, the ruling class will toss aside that as so much garbage. As should we, in our relations with them. (Or is that where the police come in ?)

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Anonymous said...

I wish they just go bankrupt and make it illegal to run deficits. It's the private sector that is being looted at large to sustain the salaries and pensions of the pubic sector. I'll be lucky to retire with $300K working 60 hour weeks as a industrial designer while the grade 2 teacher across the street will receives a pension of $54K/yr starting at age 55. I would require a nest egg of at least $900K to receive this pension. How do I save this much money?