Friday, January 14, 2011

A Great Day, But It's Not Over

It's a great day anytime one of the many cowardly thugs running this planet (and they are mostly cowards) shows his true colors and flees. They can't answer to the masses for their crimes.

But, it's not over. Reports on Twitter have insinuated that the prisons have been emptied and the security services are running wild tonight. This may be an unorganized fit of rage or an excuse to 'establish order' at a later time.

From the Financial Times:

Many Tunisians on Saturday said they suspected that gangs affiliated with Ben Ali were bent on sowing chaos and destabilising the transition to a new order.

Angry Arab concurs about the security services:

It seems from live coverage that the secret militias of Bin Ali, along the lines of Fida'yyi Saddam, are terrorizing the population at night. The military-intelligence apparatus--with full US and French support--would not give up easily on power.

One scene of the looting, the van reads "Police".

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