Friday, February 11, 2011

Egyptian Armed Forces are Splintering

An Egyptian army officer who joined protests in Cairo's Tahrir Square told the Reuters news agency that 15 other middle-ranking officers had also gone over to the demonstrators.

"The armed forces' solidarity movement with the people has begun," Major Ahmed Ali Shouman said. "Some 15 officers … have joined the people's revolution," he said, listing their ranks ranging from captain to lieutenant colonel. Our goals and the people's are one."

Another army major walked up to Shouman while he was talking with the Reuters reporter in Tahrir and introduced himself, saying: "I have also joined the cause."(1)

Wonder if there is a Chavez style leader within these ranks. I would guess so.

Some are interpreting hesitation and conflicting messages from Washington and the Mubarak regime as trickery, when to me they look like weakness, indecision and lack of unity in the ruling classes.

One example: billionaire Najib Sawiris was talking about the sweet smell of freedom a few days ago, but yesterday started asking protesters to go home.

1'Egyptian army backs Hosni Mubarak and calls for protesters to go home' - UK Guardian

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