Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liberals Perform Their Service for the Ruling Class

Why I have no use for liberals. Exhibit: Eugene Robinson.

The reality is that workers in many industries are having to choose between givebacks and massive layoffs. Public employees should not be uniquely sheltered from the ill winds buffeting the U.S. economy.

Yes, workers must have their wages cut so that the billionaires running this country can maintain their power and international status as richest-of-the-rich. And cutting public sector wages does nothing for the non-union private sector. It won't lower taxes, that game is rigged by those aforementioned billionaires. It just drives down the 'market rate' for wages, which are set in comparison to each other.

What social system can go on by continually driving down the standard of living for the vast majority of its population ? Not an open and free open, but perhaps one in which the government, acting as the enforcer for its ruling class, operates with increasing harshness.

But we have seen how that turns out to, and history cycles quickly now.

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