Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mc Cain: Egypt could become 'Lenin Scenaro'

In case one was wondering the true calculus of discussions in Washington right now:

McCain said the logical way out of the crisis was for Mubarak to announce he would not run for president, to turn over power to a caretaker government, and for that interim regime to proceed with elections in September.

“This is a narrow window of opportunity. The longer the unrest exists, the more likely it is to become extreme."


“There's all kind of bad scenarios here, and really only one good one,” he said.

“My great fear is obviously a radical Islamic extremist (regime) — the Iran scenario…” he said. “The longer this unrest, the more likely the radicals see openings to take power – the Lenin scenario.”(1)

1'Clinton urges 'transition to a democratic regime' in Egyp' - MSNBC

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