Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Strikes Spreading Like Wildfire in Egypt

# shabab i can't keep up with the updates. There r strikes everywhere! #jan25 #egyworkers 1 hr ago

# tomorrow more oil workers from the provinces will descend on Nasr City to join protests in front of oil ministry. #jan25 1 hr ago

# the railway technicians in Bani Suweif r on strike. #jan25 1 hr ago

# tomorrow Ghazl Mahalla #egyworkers will start a strike. #jan25 1 hr ago

# several factories in suez have gone on strike. #jan25 1 hr ago

# Misr Helwan comany workers r on strike. #jan25 1 hr ago

# at least 2 military production factories in Welwyn r on strike. #jan25 1 hr ago

# public transportation workers in 3 garages r on strike. #jan25 1 hr ago


“These strikes can be the first step in politicization,” says a socialist activist, who has been trying to link up labor movements with the democracy protesters. “If it starts to spread, it can catch like fire.”(1)

2'Egypt protesters seek to spread beyond Tahrir Square' - CSM

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