Friday, February 25, 2011

Wikileaks Neutralized US Public Support for Ben Ali

Yasser Taima's twitter has some interesting commentary on the role of WikiLeaks in Tunisia. The crux of it being that the U.S. was prevented from propping up Ben Ali by the admissions from its secret cables. Without the cables, he could have been more easily presented as a modernizer in the mainstream news outlets, the protesters as radicals or Islamists.


@Soumees So of course rebellion started with injustice but emboldened as USG was itself critical of Ben Ali & was exposed to be as such.

@Soumees I think wikileaks neutralized USG vis a vis support 4 dictators.Once USG out of game,regime vulnerable & people could bring it down

@Soumees Online youth found from cables USG in private was as critical of regime as #Tunisia.Reasoned USG can't contradict itself & support

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