Friday, February 25, 2011

Wolfowitz : Arm Libyan Rebels

He writes:

More public statements, or even the imposition of sanctions, are of absolutely no use at this point. Much more urgent action is needed. The United States should be seeking U.N. approval for:

— Recognition of a provisional authority in liberated areas (or even a Provisional Government of Free Libya if the Libyans can organize a credible one), initially in Benghazi in the east and Misurata in the west, which seem to be liberated, although are still under threat of air attack;

— Provision by member countries, including specifically Egypt and Tunisia, of any support requested by these provisional authorities;

— Imposition of a NATO-supported “no fly” zone over Libya to halt further bombing by Qaddafi’s forces;

— Urgent supply of food and medical supplies to any point in Libya that is accessible by road or by military transport aircraft;

Provision of arms to the provisional authorities.

1'Paul Wolfowitz - It’s Too Late for Dithering'

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