Saturday, March 19, 2011

Airstrikes on Libya Begin

Libya is a country that holds little geostrategic concern for the U.S., it is carrying the water for European imperialism and holding up its bargain as king-among-kings. But the worries within U.S. ruling circles can be evidenced by the strong opposition within the U.S. military establishment to the current air strikes. There is no endgame here, NATO's best hope is that Gaddafi is so weak on the ground and has so little popularity that a coup d'etat is staged within his inner circle. Absent that, there is only more airstrikes, civilian casualties and bodybags, and the loss of the moral veil of protecting innocents which Cameron and Sarkozy hide behind. And eventually other actors will get involved, the prize is too great for the so-called energy hungry emerging powers to ignore. The rank hypocrisy is impossible to hide, as the West liberates Libya it fellates murder in Bahrain and medieval style torture in Saudi Arabia. I suspect this will end in humiliation for the 'West', even with Gaddafi as weak as he is.

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