Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IMF Tightens the Screws on Pakistan

This is ridiculous. Pakistan should just get some money from China or any number of other places and tell the IMF to get screwed. They should also expel all US military and covert personnel, some of whom may be playing a type of double game in the North West territories.

Pakistan has failed to get any indications from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the release of the final tranche of an $11.3 billion loan package, it was reported here Tuesday.

A Pakistani delegation to the IMF-World Bank spring meetings in the US is returning without any understanding on the release of the final instalment, the Dawn reported.

1 - Economic Times

According to the Express Tribune, “Officials said that the next loan programme, if approved by the IMF, is likely to revolve around the conditions of restructuring the public sector enterprises that includes shedding the workforce—a condition that may put the PPP-led coalition government in an awkward situation ahead of the general elections scheduled for 2013.”

2- World Socialist Web Site

The same recipe as usual: implement regressive taxes, end subsidies, fire workers, drive down wages, and open up the country for looting (although yes, Pakistan is looted plenty already by domestic capitalists).

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