Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Business Begins to Organize Fascist Street Mobs in Greece

Without a doubt, a reacton to the so-called breakdown in law and order.

This is what these sociopaths who 'get to the top' in capitalism do when their backs start getting pressed to the wall.

'Pakistani community spokesman Irfan Tamur Mohammad — himself an attack victim — said 17 migrants have been hospitalized and dozens of immigrant-owned shops attacked or looted, while police allegedly did little to stop the violence.

Authorities were unable to provide any figures on injuries.

"There were racist attacks before, but Thursday's events were something else, really terrifying," Mohammad said. "It all happened very suddenly, we didn't expect something that extreme."

Events involving large number of people acting with unified violence do not happen 'suddenly'. They are a result of organization and sponsorship. This was not random, but planned.

And the Greek government says the violence might be understandable in a way:

'The spectacle of knifed immigrants in hospital cannot be accepted by Greek society," he (Government spokesman George Petalotis) told state TV. "Citizens who live in the center of Athens and in areas with a big (crime) problem are right to be frustrated...'

1'Greek officials urge calm after racist attacks' - AP
2'In Greece, austerity kindles deep discontent' - Washington Post

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