Thursday, June 23, 2011

Links, Old and New

Pentagon Considers Cyber Attacks To Be Acts Of War' - WSJ


'The global order fractures as American power declines' - Financial Times

American power is in inexorably decline, which means ruling class disorganization will only increase, perhaps even resembling the years immediately after World War 1. (1917) Much of the global ruling class is looking for a new (or reinvigorated) boss to follow, that is not the direction we need to take.


'Two Worrying Charts About Chinese Oil Demand' - Econbrowser, Business Insider

Well, there are a lot of people in China, most still quite poor. It would seem inevitable that 'they' would end up having more cars than 'us'.


'RNA Editing to Create 'Acquired Characteristics' Appears Common' - Scientific American


'Self-Consuming Capitalism' - Jesse's Cafe

“And the British political economist Fred Hirsch generalized the point: once a social system, such as capitalism, convinces everyone that it can dispense with morality and public spirit, the universal pursuit of self-interest being all that is needed for satisfactory performance, the system will undermine its own viability, which is in fact premised on civic behaviour and on the respect of certain moral norms to a far greater extent than capitalism’s official ideology avows.”


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