Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Skilled Immigrant Solution

Now that the American working class has been battered into submission, the ruling class has noticed that K-12 educational achievement might be suffering a bit. This is simple, if parents are under stress then kids are too.

A solution being proposed by bourgeois billionaire moderates like Bloomberg and Randian narcisists like Greenspan is to allow more skilled (i.e. upper middle class) immigrants into the country.

There's a problem with this from a purely tactical point of view.

Immigrating really sucks. Forget the paperwork, money, and spittle flecked Homeland Security thugs, the biggest cost comes in leaving your friends and family and your home. As other countries develop, and they are quickly, there is simply less and less reason for a well educated person to leave home and go a thousand miles away to be among total strangers.

The Bloomberg's etc. want to offshore the public education system, gutting it like they gutted manufacturing, while attempting to import skilled labor at another country's expense. This won't work even in the medium term.

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