Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tut Tutting the Tea Party

It's amusing to see Krugman and David Brooks both scolding the crazy Republican Party. It's their child, bastard or otherwise. The U.S. is somewhere in the middle of an irresolvable political crisis, at the center of which is its inability to carry the weight of global arbiter in the capitalist world-system, that will strip away the many pretensions about our glorious system of 'checks and balances'. Our wonderful political system has gotten a free ride from two centuries of protected borders (oceans), free land and unlimited expansion, European implosion, unlimited natural resources (well, except when oil hit peak), all kickstarted off by slave labor. The economic collapse of the union belt, and decline of the Establishment, has given an opening to all sorts of crazy New South and Mountain West ruling class factions who have an eye towards immediate profit, but don't have the ability or means to plan for long-term imperial power.

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