Monday, August 29, 2011

The Glorious Libyan Revolutionaries

Going all in on ethnic cleansing.

Libyan rebels may be indiscriminately killing black people because they have confused innocent migrant workers with mercenaries, the chairman of the African Union said, citing the fears as one reason the continental body has not recognized opposition forces as Libya's interim government.

"NTC seems to confuse black people with mercenaries," AU chairman Jean Ping said Monday, referring to the rebels' National Transitional Council. "All blacks are mercenaries. If you do that, it means (that the) one-third of the population of Libya, which is black, is also mercenaries. They are killing people, normal workers, mistreating them."(1)

I wonder what the Western 'Leftists' who gave full throated support to the uprising will have to say of this.

Interesting if they should decry the discriminatory targeting of illegal immigrants in the U.S but flick away reports of slaughter of the same in another country because it doesn't fit some half-baked notion of pan-Arab revolution.

1'AU head: Libya rebels may be killing black workers' - Ap

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