Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The London Riots

Rioting bores me, it almost never leads to positive social change and often just scares the shit out of sections of the working class and opens the door to a larger security state. This is why you'll find the Drudge's and Zero Hedge-type libertarians of the world cheering it on. Because they in fact are libertarian only in the pursuit of capital, but idolize the power and domination that comes with it. Bottom line, rioting is just dumb and lumpen.

On the other hand, it's too be expected in a society that has a generational declining standard of living and vast swaths of youth unemployment. The youth are being fucked, thoroughly and completely. It's amusing to see the hapless UK Guardian trot out aging responsible community leaders to prove to their masters how well mannered they are.

Quite a few people, especially amongst the young, just want the system to burn down - the stench of corruption , venality, hypocrisy amongst our meritocrats and their masters is overwhelming. I would just argue that wanton sacking isn't the most effective way to go about things.

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