Friday, September 9, 2011

A Pleasant Editorial from China

Some feel that the factors determining whether or the U.S. sells the F-16 fighters to Taiwan are mainly related to various domestic groups in the U.S., while China's attitude is just a reference. This kind of analysis is incorrect. As long as China's reaction is strong enough, it will make the Untied States suffer a loss that is more than the profit it will gain by selling the F-16 fighters to Taiwan...

According to the analysis, the greatest factor that might motivate the Obama Administration to approve the plan is the 80,000 new jobs opportunities created by the sale of the fighters. Then, what China should do in response is to let the United States lose 80,000 jobs opportunities or even triple the number of jobs. Beijing cannot prevent the U.S. congressmen from voting or stop the White House from signing the contract, but China has the power to make the United States lose 240,000 jobs.

Afterwards, the United States will take vengeance on China. But China could take vengeance on the Untied States once again. Such a nasty trade war has never happened between China and the United States. But it is worthy for China to do it for Taiwan. Whether it is worthy for the United States, they can think of it by themselves.

It appears some anti-big government Texas politicians are braying about the jobs the F-16 contract would create (mostly for Dallas).

In all these debates, its amazing how little the Western leadership and its associated meritocrats - boomers and older - understand how their power has eroded. Both on the right and what little remnants there remain of the left. Yet at this moment the IMF is running off to China, India and Brazil to beg more money to bail out Italy and Spain.

1'China firmly opposes US sales of F-16s to Taiwan' - People's Daily Online

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