Sunday, January 1, 2012

Polling on Iran

To those who still believe there is a nascent revolutionary spirit in the American people, please look at the polling on Iran.

NBC/Wall Street Journal:

"If Iran continues with its nuclear research and is close to developing a nuclear weapon, do you believe that the United States should or should not initiate military action to destroy Iran's ability to make nuclear weapons?"

12/2011 Yes:54%, No: 38%


I get that this is a loaded question, but after Iraq, how can "Yes" even be a consideration ?

And, Americans who would protest a strike on Iran could easily be lumped into Washington's 'providing support for a terrorist entity' category and hauled off for indefinite detention.

The U.S. is an incredibly mean-spirited, self-absorbed country and things aren't getting better.

1Poll PDF, page 26

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