Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ron Paul, Fraud, II

I can't fathom how someone who has gone through pregnancy could tolerate a politician like Paul. These fanatical pro-fetus politicians leave no room for the gray area that exists within the possible medical difficulties that can occur during pregnancy. Just because it was smooth for you doesn't mean it is for everyone else, after all, some 20 % of pregnancies result in miscarriage. Taking the pro-fetus position of Ron Paul at face value, this means there should be 'investigations' of all these incidents to disprove negligence. Of course, the pro-fetus position is one of emotion and an avoidance of the impossible logic making up its backbone. It is also antithetical to a message of Liberty, which is no surprise, since the slogan as spouted by Paul is fraudulent at its core.

This is no great revelation, but his continued strength amongst the young and disaffected is a symptom of our discredited political system.

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Anonymous said...

Abortions can save lives.
If Barbara Bush had aborted George a million Iraqis would be alive today.

Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.