Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chris Hedges on Violence

I don't have a problem with anarchism. The problem is they're not tactics I would engage in. I wouldn't classify them as "violent." I would classify violence as the destruction of property and vandalism, the shouting of insulting messages to the police, physical confrontations with the police. Those are very clear cut acts of violence.(1)

What isn't violence in Hedges world ? Physical assault is violence. Spray painting a newspaper stand is not. I understand why the capitalist media conflates the two -- in their paradigm, private property holds an equal or greater weight to a human's physical body. But since Hedges advocates an utopian form of small-business, Main Street capitalism, perhaps his view on violence is in keeping with his general political philosophy.

1'Interview With Chris Hedges About Black Bloc- Truthout
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